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The tragedy is Pre-Election Promises were never so important

Since when did we start taking promises made in election seriously? Pre-election promises are made to be broken and we're grown up knowing this. So, it is wrong to assume AAP won solely for promises it made. AAP won because it rightly leveraged on the momentum of anti-corruption campaign Anna started. It connected with common people, it branded itself like a layman, and best of all it made common people feel they are actually forming a government. Now, even if AAP don't meet the promises it made, if it at least come near to the expectation level, it will be a big difference. But then the difference is not easy to achieve. The savers are skilled handling on corruption, farsighted strategies, unity within party, and rightful monitoring of executed ideas. Kejriwal should form government. Scoring 100 out of 100 on the promises made is not important.  Anything above 40 is still an achievement 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Why Being a Freelance content writer hurts but pays!

To all who suddenly felt I have gone missing/mad (no pun intended)

Let me begin on a very honest note: With an aim to play with uncertainties and test the height of misfortunes, I discontinued my 9 to 5 regular office job and began full time freelancing career, right from my home! The problem is freelancing is not a career, it’s a plain job filled with insecurities for tomorrow, misunderstanding with prospective customers, hours of wait for a valued assignment and everything that is odd, and uninteresting for a full time salaried person. But then what pushed me forward to take up on this challenging role and that why I discontinued my full time career which was earning me money, comfort, fame and security – of course after paying the taxes?  

Well, the valid question is almost visible on the face of everyone I meet every day at my city but they hesitate to ask, may be because they think this would hurt me. I may be overly imaginative but they must have an idea like this – I am actually not doing anything and playing the role of a returned resource who must have failed to survive the wrath of metropolitan lifestyle and now    enjoy the comfort pre established by my parents. 

But sometimes it really hurts when I face people who don’t know anything about freelancing and upon knowing my job look at me as if I am talking about aliens! I still remember the early days when I just returned from Delhi – those were the days of convincing people about my new found job, telling them thoroughly about how it works and how the payments are made through NEFT and all. Barred a few, most found it tough to digest and I think that was quite natural. I can write an interesting article on the reactions people made and I will write it one day for sure since those were not just reactions but fodders to my success.

Well, coming back to the core of this article I tell you why I choose freelancing over regular office job. Very reasonable point is I am here for my parents, besides myself! Both of my parents are aged, but both were strugglers. They worked hard throughout their life, built a sweet home where they always want me more than anything else. Going to Delhi and living a life among strangers was not what they wanted. And I respect and understand their viewpoint. It is my duty to take care of them now without affecting my job. Being a freelancer serves both the task!

Point number two is my obsession with my dream! When I was a child, I wanted to become an engineer, but when I grew up I understood I’m poor at Mathematics. Dream Thrashed. When I was in college, I wanted to build three pack abs. Let alone the abs; I was so thin I developed a peculiar habit of wearing two to three baniyans inside my shirt to look bulkier. Dream Thrashed, again! No questions please, I discontinued the habit completely after two failed attempts. :-) After that it was only a few years ago, I began to dream of my own company. Don’t know what destiny has in store now, but I am resolved to not fail, now! Wish me success. If I fail yet again, I will blame you didn’t. :-) 

Point number three is opportunities of being a freelancer. 9 to 5 sitting job secures your financial future against almost every type of threats, but then you have to bear an irritating boss crazy over making you over productive turned under productive, make a regularized routine where punctuality becomes punishment and always worry over being shown a pink slip, anytime. Private jobs are never a secured career option. I heard govt jobs are also not that fun anymore. Anyways, what I wanted is a job where I lead me. Freelancing gave me the opportunity!

Point no four is financial security. If you are also a crazy fellow like what I am and thinking to begin an independent career, consider it very seriously. You must have noted that I began the article criticizing freelancing and blamed everything that freelancing is, but there is more to it than just what you read. I first tell you what I do, in case you don’t know. I am a content writer. Our duty is to make the Web an interesting place and convince people score it over other mass media. The task is very easy as much as it is tough. 

Coming to financial security in freelancing; you can either make it big or stay at square nowhere. Take our profession as an example; there are low paying gigs quickly available all around the Web (e.g., Rs. 50 for 500 words content) and then there are luck changing work (e.g., $ 000000 for promoting a known brand on the web). If you are intelligent enough to network with the influential guys and know how to beat the competition, the world is yours. Imagine a highly paying contract that you can finish through a few months hardship and then enjoy the rest of the year earning extra. However, freelancing can multiply your regular income after years of experience and learning of mistakes. I am making the mistakes and I am enjoying too!

So, freelancing has its ups and downs. Before taking up on this role, I have studied the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. Because I found I can walk over the worries quite well, I thought to give it a heed. Things are going well quite well until now, and I hope to not break the momentum of success. The cunning smiles of my city guys, blessings of my parents, the power of newly renovated dream and the rewards of being a freelancer are driving my car. Destination unknown!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Miss you, Silchar

This is about my hometown Silchar which I miss everyday from thousands of kilometers away...

They say the world is a global village. But, I know how wrongly they guess it. The world is too large and unorganized for us even if we have Google live chats, Facebook Walls or Cisco’s point and click video networking. In fact, we presume that we are in touch with each other and we knowingly reject to believe that it’s only virtual. There is nothing real here unless you meet your buddy face-face and exchange a feeling of warmth through a hug or something similar. Viewing your town home town photos in your desktop doesn’t give that charm which you feel when you actually visit your town. Of course, this kind of feeling is only for those who miss their town from thousands of kilometers away. I’m one of those many.

I’m a displaced Silcharites who left the town 4 years back with an aim to change the way the advertising world works. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I didn’t get into the ad world and found my type of job somewhere else. I entered into a new world of my own. The world which was populated with awkwardly passionate fools who were hungry for money. The people who were definitely unfit for my hometown. Many times, I felt like skipping this world and going back to my Silchar. But there was another all-time hit reality: Silchar doesn’t have job. So, I remained here with little choice around. Something like ‘nai mama thaika kana mama vala’(sylheti saying) type of thought drove me from inwards.

That worked smooth. With every little tide in the river Barak, I learned what it takes to survive in a differently new world. I learned loving everyone around me more than before. I learned eating ‘rotis’ in stead of ‘bhaat’. I learned ‘cocktailing on candlelit table’ in stead of my ‘college road evening addas’ and I leaned how to cross the four lane roads without violating any traffic rules, something which is a century-after affair for Silchar. I reacted on every new opportunity without doing any mathematics. Destiny hit me, pulled me, pushed me: But I was a Joney Walker who keeps walking. Needless to say that I was missing the road to Silchar.

Today, I am a new-found guy with my bag full of nation-wide experiences. I watched many developments in the capital. So is Silchar. In fact, we both met with a face lift. However, Silchar got fairer than me. Narrowly-lined street shops found their way throughout the town, lots of stones were unturned for broad gauge, Assam university buses started positively pitch the Dorgakona road, shopping malls got a serious thought, sex scandal matured the teenagers, Vishal made people artificially fashion-centric, ISBT eased the journey out, Debojit kept singing on Zee, roads reconstructed (before election), new buildings scaled above middle class, braindariners started making websites and forums on Silchar. Altogether, Silchar and Silcharites underwent major changes. People got smarter and town got more polluted.

This is a never ending process. Someone like me who is far from the hometown would surely get happy about how Silchar is changing.

People out of this town miss it from all over the globe.

This little town has always been the home to moving minds. It definitely has something in it for which people love it/miss it so much. As I would say in Hindi “Kuch toh baat he

Love you Silchar!
Miss you!

With an aim to keep every displaced Silcharites updated with their hometown happenings, I have created an infotainment weblog urled:-

Is it secured to leave a job without having one at the time of recession?

The answer to such a question itself starts with a question. Why does an employee tend to leave a job without grabbing one? The most possible reasons revolve around five points:

1. Lack of opportunity to upgrade skills.
2. Unfair salary structure or absence of skill rewarding programs.
3. Any personal problem which is completely unavoidable.
4. Being over burdened and over pressured, and
5. Disorganized work environment.

It’s a fact that employees should be adaptable to changes and open to challenges. However, there are times, when things get tougher with the presence of the above-mentioned issues. During those crucial times, anemployee’s confidence takes over his compromising attitude and one fine day he resorts to pen down his papers without having one. An employee with such an attitude may host two thoughts in mind before taking such a decision.

1. He thinks his potentialities that went unheard in his current office will surely grab him his kind of job if he makes a serious search.

2. His thinks job hunting is 100 times better and serious when done in a jobless state.
The situation he faces may surround his mind with the thought that opportunities are unlimited in the market and possibilities are infinite in this world. However, the reality of recession may give him some shocks when he starts a serious job hunting.

1. The buzz is training, not hiring: In this economic meltdown, companies are willing to cut cost without compromising on quality and production. They are laying off their low performers and training their exiting manpower for supervisory roles. They want no more, but they want more of what they already own.

2. You quit, they earn: The employers who are advertising in job portals find three types of candidature: fresher, applicants who’re working and applicants who have quitted and searching. A good number of employers’ HR policy towards the third group is annoying during these tough times. Being aware of their helplessness, opportunistic employers could create compromising conditions on salary front in the name of negotiation for the candidates. Those who surrender leave with 3 no’s: No hike, No recognition, No rewards.

3. Gaps don’t bridge: An employee with the history of stability is preferred than the one who switches to jobs more often. The condition gets worsen if the employee has history of leaving job without having one. The frequent gaps and breaks he gave to his career so far make the employer skeptical about his latest knowledge and domain expertise.

4. History repeats troubles: Those who dare to reveal the reasons of quitting the earlier job are sure to spark the ray of confidence while attending the interview. They may make it unintentionally, but the employer may intentionally take it as an advantage and vests over him the additional responsibilities which are never meant for him.

5. Grab the better out of the best: Companies today want the best. This is more applicable to the high end job profiles where experience and knowledge roll the dice. An experienced yet ‘bla bla black shipp’ kind of candidate wipes out of competition at first stroke.

Thus; employers are looking at the recession in four ways: cut costs, train the existing, find the opportunities and expect the best, whereas the employees who left their job without grabbing one may face a challenging condition in this recession. Their confidence or domain expertise may not always find them their kind of job. Or even if they find one, the hurry to join a job may land them in similar troubles for which they quit their earlier job.

So what are the possible ways out for those who are planning to quit as making compromise is getting tougher for them.

1. Learn to wait: For certain sectors, the recession is in its full bloom, but will fade way soon. Even if it lasts long, the market will surely learn from examples how to recover itself. So, it’s time not to challenge recession, but to wait till it weakens.

2. Think the solution, not the problem: Don’t think about the problem again and again. It will only make you worried. Instead, think how to counter the problem. Make a list of possible solutions and stick to the best one.

3. Relive the goodness of life: Seek meditation. Spend more time with honest friends. Do gardening and love children. When water runs above the head, scream out in open place to vent you out.

4. Be practical: Start believing that searching a job without leaving the job is better, at least during these tougher days. Give your resume a make over by emphasizing your unique selling point and update it regularly. Give interview according to a schedule which doesn’t affect your work. If selected, conduct a thorough research on the employer with the help of the people and the web before joining.

5. Start networking your potentialities using social software like messengers, twitter, linkedin, orkut, slideshare etc. This parallel job hunting helps making quality contacts for future use.
Thus; it’s time not to quit, but to become more logical than what you used to be. If you are phasing through a tougher time, wait for the good time to come and side-by-side polish your potentialities. It will make you more experienced in tackling problems and becoming cooperative. At the end, you are the winner who has learnt with examples and grown with experience.

The above post is based on my personal experience, which I gained while and after working for one of the country's most respected IT firms. I worked for them only for a few months and left the job because of process mismatch.

Hearty and Mindy’s contrasting thoughts on Jet’s Rehiring.

Jet is rehiring. Its sacked employees are smiling and so is the senas (political man-power) who stood by them and fought for their cause. The whole incident was wrapped up in two days. And during this timeslot, news channels’ got good TRP, share markets got more reason for being unstable and employees of private entities updated their resume more than once. Now, things have been fixed and India is smiling again. I was as happy as any of those sacked employees. To share my joy, I called two of my friends, Hearty and Mindy. They have been with me since my child hood. Hearty is utterly emotional and often get fooled by others. But, he is honest, lovable and religious. Whereas Mindy is professional in his activities, he applies thought and loves to be rational. He has no friend except me, probably because people can’t resist his loud voice. Their uncensored opinions on the topic of Jet are given below.

Hearty (My emotional friend);- “I think Goyel Sir is true. Had not you looked at his face? He seemed so polite, decent and gentle. His attires, gestures and body language do not indicate that he himself is a Big Business Tycoon (BBT). In his speech, he reminds us of the greatest character we meet in our life, our Mother. In his speech, he dared to compare the most loveable person of his life to any one of his employees, his daughter. From, first to last; right from shaking hands with a media- person to leaving room, he had been emotional, sentimental and sober. He touched his heart more than once, took oath deliberately and asked paparazzis not to make him emotional. He even beg pardon saying that his management didn’t inform him about the big decision. I think he is genuine man, he is a common man turned business man, who still talk to his inner soul. He said he is the father of his organization. I would say he is the father of new Indian business revolution.”

Hearty got emotional and he made me feel so. Problem is I can’t see tears in any of our eyes. So, I disconnected the phone and rang Mindy, my other friend. He had something else to utter.

Mindy (My rational friend, as he called him):- “It was showing off. It was a complete drama and nothing less than this. In the event of economic melt-down and alliance with Malliya, he had to take such a big decision. But, he never believed that his decision can affect his company so drastically. After firing employees out of his office premise, he slept and when he awoke, he was accompanied with complete crisis both professionally and personally. Considering that he is the boss of hiscompany , how come you believe that a boss doesn’t know that his 900 employees are going to be sacked? He is just pretending. This could also be a pre-planned idea of “King-Jet” to bring Govt’s bail-out which is still on the card. It could even be the political pressure: (be it from the party in power or opposition). Who knows Jet might have landed on the Race court to finalize any deal before taking the U-Turn. Most importantly, he is a businessman and truth is businessmen seldom answer to the call of their inner soul. Mind moves the market, not heart. Being a business man, he knows it well. So, according to me it was a drama; either pre-planned or post-planned.”

So, it was Mindy’s take on Jet issue. Both Hearty and Mindy are my good friends. I don’t know whom to believe in this issue. Today, Hearty got emotional, but Mindy tried to look behind the curtains. Every incident happens around Mindy matures his knowledge regarding the prevailing condition of the country. I used to like his ideas. Now, I love them.

What women do not wear

Lucky is the air that plays with her hair, the dogs that look her bare and the sunglass that she wears with care. But alas! Her life is at the verge of death every minute she swings her gear. I’m talking about the typical lady who rides her bike without helmet or who accompanies the rider sitting aback without wearing any protective shield. Does it get over loaded on her face or she simply likes to get noticed?

In order to find the answer, I tracked down the streets of our capital and dared to ask a few the reasons why they befriended helmet. The most common reply was ““I do not bother”. Many even managed to say “It’s for boys, not for ladies”, “Not helmet, common sense pays and we have it”

I remembered the ad line “why should boys have all the fun”

So, this is the scenario. They do not bother even if their actions mislead people around them. They like to enjoy their drive and outpace their counterparts. Surprisingly Govt is also blind to the scene. If a “munda” of Delhi, (riding or sitting backwards) violates traffic laws (for not wearinghelmet ), he is charged with either chalan or lathis. But when the “munda” is replaced by a “Kudi”, the traffic uncle doesn’t pay heed to whatever is going around. If he is notorious, he becomes the flute player until Radha withers away.

Till date thousands of ladies have been doomed to their death on the streets of our capital for not wearing helmet. Their last minute profile includes “young scootist of 24” “friend sitting backwards, “mother sitting backwards with children” and many more.

The issue caught attentions of intellectuals but their slogans have been suppressed. Reasons are infinite. There are communities who believe their women can not cover their heads. And there are parents who think the world should see their daughter’s face. But is it logical to safeguard your interest when you have no control over death, when you can’t predict what’s waiting for your daughter on the street, when you don’t have the right to misguide others?

However all flowers are not fool! Being aware that their heads are not made of steel, a few ladies do wear the protective shield while riding or accompanying the rider. But, their number is not enough to create awareness in the neighbourhood. Truth is certain things can never be changed in this country. And this issue will not be solved if ladies do not awake to the truth. I have no problem when they say “why should boys have all the fun” But to have that fun, you can’t make fun of your life. After all, your course of action affects the people around you.

Profiling people who sell emotion and live on religion

‘Emotion’ and ‘religion’. We’re surrounded by these two. We want to be religious in this ghost-ridden and unsecured world whereas our mind gets emotional whenever we face something inferior to us. But in some corner of our society, lies a cluster of intelligent people, who are well-attuned with this emotional dilemma of human mind and stoop to earn money out of it. I’m profiling three of them in the following notes. Take a look, think and ask yourself whatever can be asked to an emotionally full.

The snake man: He is attired in dhoti and kurta. His preferred colour combination is red and white. Quite like the figure of any renowned God, he wraps a snake around his hand. The man roams freely in places where people club, for e.g., bus station, melas etc. His core intention is to spot a humble bakra among the crowd and loot whatever the bakra has in his pocket for the day. The way he loots someone is also worth-mentioning or quite fascinating. First; he’ll chant mantras, most of which you haven’t heard ever. Followed by this, he unwraps the snake from his hand. The snake is too ill to move. So, the man himself will move it, but he’ll pretend that the snake itself is moving. Now, when a good deal of spectacular act has been shown, the man stoops to add more mystery into the onlooker’s mind. Being aware that the obedient onlooker has already been impressed, he asks him to give any amount of money in the name of the Almighty. He does promise to return the amount at any cost. If one asks the reason for such an affinity, he returns “I am doing this for your well being” or sort of similar answer. Now, when the bakra/ obedient onlooker prepares to hand over the amount, a sound will be heard as if it is coming from the snake itself. The money will disappear and the man will claim that the snake has eaten it. He’ll further add that the money can’t be returned. It has been grasped by God in the form of the snake. Now, when the bakra returns to his consciousness, the man withers from the scene. Just imagine. The snake man will take a pie of your purse and you will be all alone in the road asking for someone’s favour. The dilemma is the snake doesn’t eat the paper but it is robbed by the snake man himself. Right from the making of sound to the disappearance of money, the intelligent snake man is behind every spectacular act. Just check the places of his attire where there is no pocket but something can be stored and you’ll discover your lost money. If you succeed to find your money, follow it with bunch of slaps targeted to his face. He deserve this at free of cost.

The handicapped, the blind and the unidentified: If you travel by train, bus or have the habit of waiting for a preferred carrier, you might have come across thousands of handicapped, blind or physically challenged personalities till date. If you think everyone of them deserves your kind attention and emotion, take a pause. Many of them may not be what they seem to be. Being blind or physically challenged may be their professional image only. Their interest lies either in taking a pie of your purse or making you emotionally fool. Some of them become blind on bus to snatch the sit which is allotted to the actually blind or actually physically handicapped people. And, some of them get blind to steal the look of the fair gender. For them, there is nothing wrong in doing different if it earns sympathy from someone beautiful.

The satans of subways: The day is Saturday, place is subway and the target is Sani, the almighty. Saturday is the day of Lord Sani, the God of Gods. Our perception to this God is somewhat different. He is known for his goodness as well as cruelty. Anything wrong done to him may lead us to loss. So, when it comes to Sani, we are very cautious and careful. But not all of us are the same. There are people whoearn money by his name, most of them are beggars or the rag pickers. Saturday, when we worship the God in our home, they dare to house the almighty on the subways, where people cross now and then. It is a mug made of steel or any other material where they put some flowers, candles and trishul sort of object; to create the impression of Lord Sani. He is further placed on the ground. It hurts to see these steel mugs are thrown here and there without anyone’s supervision. Anyone in any point of time can hit them unintentionally.

Sometimes Sani is replaced by Sashi and steel mugs become bamboo baskets. But the intention remains the same. “Let’s earn money in the name of God”. Instances like this are abundant. You might have come across the human Hanuman who stops by the market place and charge money from vendors quite aggressively or you might have confronted Pandas in shrines, who do everything to be a part of your devotion to the God. You might also know the candle smugglers, who steal your candles offered in shrines and sell it again in marketplace near the Mandirs.

Religion, according to me, is the offshoot of emotion. It is good to be emotionally attached with any religion or with people of any religion emotionally. But, what about those who are detached to it, who take the advantage of our emotion and bring our own religion to the ground. If poverty is the pushing factor, they can search for some other honest means of earning money. We surrender to God, they sell the God. We worship the Almighty, they make HER the means of earning money. According to me, they should be hanged till ...they realize their blunder.

The tragedy is Pre-Election Promises were never so important

Since when did we start taking promises made in election seriously? Pre-election promises are made to be broken and we're grown up k...

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